The Rules and Regulations Governing Seeley Lake Cemetery

Revised October 16, 2017

A- The grounds of the Seeley Lake Cemetery are sacredly devoted to the internment of the human dead, and strict observance of the decorum which should characterize such a place are required. All lots are held as burial places for the human dead, and no other purpose.

B- No riding of horseback will be permitted on the grounds, unless in conjunction with military funeral services.

C- All vehicles must be driven at the posted speed limit, i.e 5 MPH

D- No pets are allowed in the cemetery.

E- No liquors/alcohol of any kind is allowed within the cemetery

F- Persons with firearms will not be admitted, with the exception of Law Enforcement or Military funeral details.

G- All persons, except maintenance personnel, are prohibited from touching any object not their own, plucking any flowers, shrubs or plants (Wild or Cultivated) or marring anything upon any parts of the grounds.

H- Board members and staff are authorized to refuse admission onto the grounds of all improper persons, and to expel those who may violate any of the rules of the cemetery.

I- Board members shall have the right to make any such improvements upon any lot as they deem necessary for the best advantages of the grounds. Lot owners shall not change the grade of lots or intefere in any way with the general of improvement directed by the Board.

J- The general care of the lots covers the mowing of the grass, watering of the grounds, removing fallen leaves, branches, etc., which is assumed by the management of the cemetery.

K- No tree or shrub within the borders of any lot shall be planted, removed or destroyed without the consent of the Sexton. The Sexton shall have the right, at any time, to enter upon any lot and cut down, or remove any such tree, shrub or parts thereof or caused to be removed, as the Sexton mat deem detrimental to the grounds, unsightly  or inconvienient to the public or to the adjacent lots or avenues.

L- Flowers or plants, real or artificial, that have become deteriorated will be removed.

M- The use of glass jars or glass vases is prohibited due to breakage, which is a danger to the public and the staff. Glass containers will be removed when found.

N- If any monument, effigy, inscription or structure be placed in or upon any lot, is determined to be offensive, improper, or injurious to the surrounding ground, the staff shall have the right to correct or remove same.

O-Except as specified, lot owner shall have the right to erect any proper monument on their lot. No vault, crypt or mausoleum shall be built entirely or partially above ground. All monuments must be reviewed and approved by the Sexton or his representative. The Board reserves the right to deny any monument on the grounds of design, composition or size, if grounds for denial are in the best interest of orderly operations and care of the grounds. Certain areas or lots within the cemetery grounds may be designated by the Board for the placing of ground stones/markers only.

P- Only one monument will be permitted on an owners lot and it shall be placed at the head of the grave and centered as nearly as possible, except for when more than one monument may be permitted, if the second monument is a flush set marker for ashes interred in the same grave.

Q- Cement foundations are required for markers at graves. Such foundations are normally furnished by the monument company setting the headstone. In the event the headstone is shipped to the cemetery directly, the staff will construct the proper foundations (cost will vary according to size and work required) This will ensure  stability and permanence, enabling Seeley Lake Cemetery to carry perpetual into effect. The Sexton will determine the size and character of the foundation required in each use.

R- The cemetery will not be responsible for any mistakes or error in the transmission or reception of messages by telephone or electronic devices.


    1- Between April 1 and October 31 of each year, arrangements for the interment shall be made at least 24 hours of the time set for the funeral service.

       Between November 1 and March 31, arrangements for the interment shall be made, at least 48 hours in advance of the time set for service. Otherwise management cannot guarantee the grave site being ready for burial.

      The Sexton must be informed of the size and specifications for the liner. The hour of the service must be so arranged that the grave can be properly filled and all surplus ground removed before 5 pm. An extra charge will be made for interment if the funeral enters the cemetery after 3.30 pm.

    2- No interments will be permitted on Sunday.

    3- The purchase price of the one grave to be used, the cost of preparing the grave and the fee for the liner must be paid in advance to the Sexton.

    4- Lot owners shall not allow interment to be made in their lots for remuneration: if the grave is not needed, it may only be disposed to resale to the cemetery at the original cost.

    5- All interments and dis-interments shall only be made by the Seeley Lake Cemetery staff.

    6- No double burials will be allowed, nor two in the same grave, except in the case of a parent and infant child, two infants or two member of an immediate familywhen one body has been cremated, or when both have been cremated.